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Cavalcade of Risk – January 2, 2008

January 2nd, 2008 by Jonathan Pletzke

Happy New YearHaving just had a wild night of “risk” dreams (exciting things like insurance and injury) as I was preparing for this carnival, I realized that when I think of risk, I think primarily of financial risk, then of personal risk (i.e. injury), then of business risk (i.e. lost opportunity, problems that can derail initiatives). With experience dealing with all sorts of risk as a project manager, software developer, and consultant to commercial and life insurers, perhaps my thinking is too narrow.

There is risk in everything! Including in preparing a blog carnival. Did I include everything? Did I somehow miss the point on something that didn’t get included? Can I buy insurance to mitigate the risk, or is there some other step that can be taken to make sure it is done right? I’ve done my best to narrow down the submissions to those that best match the goal of the Cavalcade of Risk.

I give you the January 2, 2008 edition of Cavalcade of Risk. (also viewable on


America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), an industry group run by and representing the interests of the health insurers recently published a proposal. Two entries in the Cavalcade talk about this proposal:

Louise at Colorado Health Insurance Insider discusses the latest AHIP (association of health insurance plans) proposal in Individual Health Insurance Not That Affordable or Accessible.

David Williams at the Health Business Blog also has some commentary on the AHIP proposal in Health Plan Association Promotes Guaranteed Access

Universal Health Care in California? Before you get too excited, read as Jason Shafrin presents California’s Attempt at Universal Health Care posted at Healthcare Economist, saying, “The Healthcare Economist analyzes California’s plan to expand health insurance coverage.”

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC presents Some futures are not much fun to contemplate posted at InsureBlog, saying, “Sometimes we’re put at risk without even knowing it. InsureBlog’s Mike Feehan reports on just such a problem that’s taking place in Japan.” regarding a Japanese Hepatitis problem.

At Oasis Advanced Wellness blog, Dr. Lanphier warns about the risks posed by acid reflux meds. There are some serious side effects that may not be obvious.

Lisa Emrich presents Updated: What ever happened to the idea – “A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned”? posted at Brass and Ivory, is concerned about the elimination of an effort to have checklists at hospitals.

Business & Politics

Ross Pettit, blogging at The Agile Manager, explores the nature and types of financial risk. He explains why it’s important to understand them in order to take advantage of opportunities they may represent.

At the Security and Risk Management Blog, Chris McClean discusses the role that global regulation plays in assessing and managing risk.

Blogging at Acceptable Risk, Cooper has a unique take on last week’s horrific events in Pakistan. She links the assassination with the tragedy at the San Francisco zoo to paint a vivid picture of just how difficult it can be to truly assess risk.

Leon Gettler presents Bhutto and geopolitical risk posted at Sox First, saying, “The global impact of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination should not be underestimated. Oil prices have now soared edging closer to $100 a barrel, equity prices are falling and the concept of “geopolitical risk” has re-emerged during a relatively quiet time. All that on top of deteriorating economic news in the United States. No wonder stocks prices are down.”


Matthew Paulson presents How Shopping Carts are Stealing Money From Your Wallet posted at American Consumer News.


Blogger Sherrie Le Masurier, writing at World Village, explains that keeping your retirement funds under the mattress may reduce some risks, it fails to help with a host of others.

Dorian Wales presents two postings, one for those that want less risk: Personal Financier: Diversifying your risk in the stock market and one for those that want to risk it all: Personal Financier: Some rules for speculating posted at Personal Financier.

Real Estate

Karyn Kudrna, who blogs at Shop Smart Loans, takes a long, hard look at the latest government bail-out and asks about those of us who don’t have bad credit, or take unnecessarily risky loans.

Calculated Risk blog has some unusual insights into the current mortgage crisis. With almost $1 trillion dollars potentially on the line, CR posits that changing attitudes play a big part in assessing the risk involved.

Allen Taylor presents Student Housing – A Niche Market – The “Echo Boomers” are off to College posted at Investing World Today, saying, “student housing is a potentially lucrative investment. It has its own unique mix of circumstances and setbacks. Take measured steps into this market before sinking a lot of funds into it.”

Kurt Brouwer presents Falling Home Prices Trigger Banking Crisis posted at Fundmastery Blog, saying, “How much will banks suffer from falling home prices?”

Kathie Goldsmith presents A lesson in the dangers of distressed property purchases… posted at Seattle’s Rain City Real Estate Guide.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of cavalcade of risk using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Jonathan Pletzke is a consumer expert on health insurance and author of the health insurance book Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off, available online and at bookstores nationally. Additional details can be found at the health insurance book website

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Jonathan Pletzke is a consumer expert on health insurance and author of the health insurance book Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off, available online and at bookstores nationally. Additional details can be found at the consumers health insurance book and resources website Copyright 2007-2008 Aji Publishing.

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